Prescriptivism is a philosophy that many people operate under, and it mandates that there is a strict method for doing each and every thing that might cross your mental pathways. However, in our humble opinion descriptivism is a far more reasonable way to think about the world as it exists around you because of the fact that it takes into account the differences with which people do things and adopts a more functional understanding of how things must be done at the end of the day.

Descriptivism can enable businesses to function more sustainably since they would not be using strategies simply due to the reason that they are what has been prescribed by older industrialists. Breaking out of the cage of prescriptivism will show you that there is no correct answer for what your metal cards should look like. Instead, their appearance has everything to do with what you feel is right, and next to nothing to do with what others have to say because of the fact that their opinions will not affect them as much as they will impact you.

However, it can be useful to know what the average business card might look like so that you can go for this basic option if you don’t want to be too fussy and controlling. This design usually features a white, textured background that will comprise the entirety of the card, with the information necessary to make the card functional being displayed in black ink. This black on white format creates a lot of contrast which is great since it helps make all the particulars easy to see as well as grasp with one’s reading prowess.