This is your Scrabble brain

Competitive Scrabble players spend a lot of time playing Scrabble, participating in Scrabble tournaments, memorising word lists, and practising anagramming – scrambling groups of letters to make new words. Competitive Scrabble players, like chess players, are ranked in a global rating system that relies on tournament performance. We selected competitive Scrabble players from tournaments and clubs and assigned them a series of exercises to see how all of this word practise and play affects their brain processes. Try to win with Scramble Cheats

  • The competitive Scrabble players identified words faster than non-Scrabble players, especially when words were displayed vertically. Vertical word presentation is uncommon in written English but prevalent in Scrabble, and professional players are quite skilled at spotting vertical terms.
  • Also, Scrabble players identified words rapidly without completely digesting word meaning. This is most likely due to the fact that in Scrabble. You have to know if distinct sequences of letters from legal plays, but you don’t need to know what all these words imply.
  • We also found brain imaging to look at how years of extensive Scrabble practise could have changed brain functions for language in competitive Scrabble players. Scrabble specialists used brain areas related with visual memory and perception rather than those connected with word meaning retrieval.

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  • word games have become a routine for millions of people, yet it is not enticing to others. There are certainly many causes for this, but one possibility is because people’s motivations differ. Some people like puzzles and mental challenges to others. This form of drive is known as need for intellect, and persons with a strong demand for cognition are drawn to mental challenges such as word games and puzzles. Win your game with Scramble Cheats
  • In Scrabble, there are frequently several ways to progress the game, but in some case, there is just one correct solution. With just one word issued each day, everyone is attempting to solve the same problem. The sharing options in the online game also permit us to share our results with other people without giving away the answer.
  • A word game is unlikely to make anyone smarter or prevent brain ageing, but it may provide you with a daily dosage of complicated cognition paired with social contact, which may be highly beneficial.

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