Similar Jobs Sales estimators forecast how much merchandise will be there. Companies use this data to calculate the amount of inventory they need to maintain and the number of raw materials they should buy from suppliers.

Sales estimators like amzscout sales estimator may directly collaborate with sales teams or marketing divisions to learn about the present and future sales objectives.

Jobs for Sales Estimators

  • A sales estimator’s such as amzscout sales estimator duties can range widely and include the following:
  • Estimating labour costs to ascertain how long a project will take to complete
  • Calculating materials prices and labour rates estimating project time and labour costs
  • Making sure that estimates are correct and under budget by collaborating with architects and contractors
  • Clarifying client needs for projects and services through communication
  • Estimating the cost of materials for projects using client-provided parameters
  • Putting together bids for customers in response to requests for proposals (RFPs)
  • Keeping track of client interactions to ensure that they are happy with the services received
  • Putting together proposals based on data that clients supply, such as project specs, budgets, and timeframes
  • Putting together proposals based on data that clients supply, such as project specs, budgets, and timeframes
  • Preparing building project cost estimates with the aid of computer programs like AutoCAD Sales Estimator Salary & Outlook

Salary ranges for sales estimators depend on their level of training and experience size of the organisation, and their geographical location.

Annual Salary for the Top 10%: $112,000 ($53.85/hour)

The overall state of the economy has a significant impact on the need for sales estimators. Demand for sales estimators rises along with the demand for goods and services.

Companies may accomplish more with fewer employees thanks to automation’s increased productivity and efficiency.

Demands of the Sales Estimator Position

Typically, sales estimators need the following education:


Sales estimators frequently need a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, such as business, finance, or marketing. Some employers could favour applicants having a master’s degree in business administration (MBA). An MBA can help sales estimators because it can equip them with the knowledge and abilities needed to succeed in positions.

Training & Experience:

On-the-job training is the norm for sales estimators. Learning the company’s policies and procedures software and computer programs they employ may be a part of this training. Additionally, sales estimators could obtain training on the goods and services the business provides.

Sales estimators don’t need any certifications or licences to hold their employment. To learn more about their duties and boost their earning potential, some sales estimators opt to pursue qualifications related to their business.