What is fashion about? Is it about buying expensive clothes to look fashionable or is it styling any given piece of clothing in a way that it looks fashionable? Obviously, the latter one, isn’t it? And how do you make an outfit look more expensive, posh, and fashionable than it actually is? By choosing the right details. And what is meant by “details”? Details, in the fashion industry, means texture, silhouette, material, prints, embroidery, style, shape, and every little thing that makes a piece of clothing belong to a particular genre of style or just be a unique fad. Fashion is largely about playing with the details and that’s why womens silk blouse are this popular at present.

Why are silk tops in trend?

As mentioned, fashion largely revolves around the details that emit a unique vibe to the piece of clothing. When women decide to throw a silk blouse on their silhouette, what is the vibe that they emit? Diva. Yes, that is exactly how strong the impact of the material called “silk” is. Silk in itself is a natural component with a delicate-looking shiny yet matte finish texture. There is something about this particular material that automatically makes you look 10 times more high maintenance. It doesn’t really hug your body tightly yet falls on your curves just right, in the way it should, making you look both elegant and stunning.

Reasons You Should Have One Silk Blouse

How should women style silk to make the best out of it?

Firstly, you do not need to make the best out of silk, rather, it makes the best out of you. But still, if you insist, here’s how you style silk

  • The fit you need for a silk cloth depends on what style of it you are wearing. If it’s a dress, go by your true size. If it’s a shirt, go one size up for a more “laid back diva” look. In the case of a blouse, stick to your size or go up according to your tastes.
  • Gold jewelry and silk are best friends. They complement each other like never before.
  • Denim with silk is the ultimate casual but expensive look and silk with leather is the final boss fit. Choose your favorite.

On top of all this, silk can be worn in any given way for any given occasion. Yes, it does indeed make you look high fashion instantly, but that doesn’t stop you from wearing a women’s silk blouse to a casual party or to your office to stand out well, even if you’re just wearing a “shirt.” They are no less than staples to a fashionable woman’s wardrobe and one should choose the perfect design, shape, color, and vibe that suits their aesthetic and style the most, wisely.