Does your bath area look very boring and dull? Are you looking for the modern and stylish bathroom? However, do not have time, interest, and funds to undertake the full renovation? You can create the modern and fresh looking bathroom just by including the frameless shower screen. Not just Shower screen Singapore is attractive, but they add a lot of value to your house. There are several benefits of having the frameless shower screen, thus continue reading to know what they are.

What’re shower screens?

The shower screen is glass panel, which acts as the protective barrier between the shower bath and rest of the bathroom. This fits very snugly between wall and edge of the bathtub, and preventing water to splash out on to the bathroom floor.

Glass Door Singapore

Quite Aesthetics

Frameless shower screens appear stylish, modern, and streamlined. Furthermore, the shower screen can transform the bathroom completely by offering the spacious feel and look and facilitate bathroom functions to completely stand out.

Simple to clean

Another benefit is bathroom screens are very simple to clean than earlier framed styles. Besides, you do not have frames, being aluminum that can build up the stains of various types. The clear glass does not attract stains, thus just the good wipe with the wet rag is enough to get it cleaned properly.


Many shower enclosures, like shower curtains, generally come in one single design and size only. But, when you go with the customized glass screens, you may have chance to create the customized solution for the bathroom. Customize shower screens are very useful to people who would like to renovate the showers. As shower wasn’t made with rest of your bathroom and your contractor may handle this problem as well as take in account its design process that will ensure that shower screen can fit rightly to the bathroom.

Natural Lightning

You are the homeowners that prefer the natural light in bathroom. The natural lighting is always best for the personal grooming as well as having the glass shower screen does not inhibit natural flow of light through its bathroom.


Whether you are building the new home or want to have the modern and streamlined bathroom, which looks stylish and give your current bathroom an upgrade, glass shower screens will help to fulfill the goal. Thus, make sure you find the right design that suits your taste and home.