On the other hand, J&T has an excellent coverage area that extends to standard services in 98 percent of the cities in Indonesia. Because J&T Cargo employs the same mail courier system for cargo delivery that they use for parcels and smaller items, the delivery time for our shipment will be more than 24 hours.

In the meanwhile, since that J&T’s coverage region is so extensive, the company is your best option if you want to deliver anything outside of Java. Currently, J&T Kargo has arrived on practically all of Indonesia’s major islands, except Papua.

Extensive coverage in the area

The application for J&T Cargo postage checks still has a long way to go before it can be considered fully functional. check the application so that users can simply place orders, view pricing information, and get in touch with customer service directly from the application. Last but not least, we have high hopes that the J&T Cargo delivery service will be able to improve the quality of the handling of goods because it has been a source of great frustration for us that our items have not been received in their entirety.

Both J&T Cargo and Deliveree provide the identical service in terms of what is included in the base pricing of their respective packages. Whether it’s the driver, the truck, the fuel, the toll, the parking, door-to-door service, or the waiting time, which can range from up to an hour per site (pick up and destination).