The president of the united states of America is quite possible the single most powerful man in the world. There is a pretty good chance that you don’t know anyone who can come close to being as powerful as this man, and pretty soon we might even see a woman becoming commander in chief which would be a pretty incredible thing if you think about it! Since the president is so powerful, he is constantly going to be under threat of some kind of violence or the other.

This is because of the fact that someone or other is going to have a problem with them and would want to harm them so that they can get revenge over some kind of perceived wrongdoing.

Hence, the limos in Memphis that the president rides around in are generally heavily armored. The president has his own fleet of limos actually, and all of them are bullet proof and are able to withstand some pretty high explosives as well so that the leader of the free world can remain safe and sound in the case of an assassination attempt.

What’s more is that it is impossible to hack into any devices in the limo as well. This means that the limos that are reserved for the president are actually some of the most secure vehicles in the world. They are also pretty slow since all of that armor adds a great deal of weight, but this is something that most would consider to be acceptable since you never know when a malicious actor might try to do something that would put the balance of the world’s powers at risk all in all.