Instagram has become one of the best ways to promote your business’s social responsibility online. With endless possibilities to showcase any sort of work your company is doing, it’s a perfect way to share inspiring stories with the world. From global campaigns to local projects, this step-by-step guide will help you take full advantage of all Instagram has to offer.

Ask a Question

For many businesses, developing a strategy for social media is simply putting one piece of information on different websites or platforms. This approach can work, but it would be much more effective to use one tool to gather your followers in one place. Instagram is the perfect tool for asking a question and getting responses; it’s simple, easy to use, and gives your followers an outlet to share their experiences with each other. By asking an interesting question, you can inspire direct engagement that would be much harder to develop on Facebook. Go Read services are backed by a team of social media experts who understand how to grow Instagram accounts.

Be Visual

While photos and videos should be the centerpiece of your Instagram strategy, don’t forget about the importance of text posts. You can share blog posts, press releases, or any other information you want that isn’t directly related to your campaign or question. This will give you an opportunity to expand upon the content you’re sharing with more images or statistics.

Be Interactive

If you want to develop a campaign that people will interact with and spread across the internet, you need to incorporate questions and multiple posts throughout your Instagram strategy. The more interactive your posts are, the more likely they will show up on other platforms and spread on their own.

Take Advantage of Hashtags

Hashtags are one of the most useful aspects of Instagram as a social marketing tool; they’re searchable, relatively easy to remember, and simple to incorporate into any post you want. Hashtagging is the best way to make sure your Instagram post reaches a wider audience and generates more engagement.

Understand Gain and Loss

The main difference between Instagram and Facebook is that you can use tags on Instagram to allow followers to find photos of your business. Since tags work differently in the two social media platforms, it’s important to understand why tags work better on Instagram. This section will help you understand how users interact with each platform, so you will know when to use which one and why people love using them on Instagram.

Get Creative

One of the most effective ways to get noticed on Instagram is by using as many photos and videos as possible. The more photos you post, the more likely your posts will reach a wider audience. This can be very effective when used in conjunction with other strategies, such as contests and questions, to develop a campaign that people want to share with others and participate in.