With the growing population of immigrants in America, there is an ever-increasing need for immigration service providers. Individuals providing this type of assistance must possess a thorough knowledge and understanding of immigration law and regulations as well as access to resources available through immigration services in Calgary, AB. Here are some reasons why such professionals are necessary:

Rapid Increase in Immigrants

Immigration has become a major issue in the United States. As more and more immigrants move here in search of better jobs and prospects, USCIS data shows an increase of 54% between 2000-2010 in those seeking work here. Projections indicate the current population growth rate will double from 65 million annually during 2005 to 125 million by 2050.

Diversity in the New America

America remains a melting pot of cultures, races and ethnicities. Diversity and immigration are essential ingredients in America’s progress as it ensures our country stays dynamic and ever-evolving.

Immigration Reform

Over the past decade, various immigration laws and reforms have been passed. These measures continue to shape how immigrants arrive in America.

Extreme Economic Downturn

In 2008, the economy took a sharp downward turn with job loss and foreclosures increasing at an unprecedented rate. As a result, many people sought refuge in America for work, better opportunities, or other financial stability.

Immigration Systems

The U.S. immigration system consists of numerous intricate organizations and processes to manage immigration. For service providers to effectively assist immigrants, a working knowledge of these procedures is essential.

Diversity of Immigration Systems

Immigration is a complex system with various organizations and institutions involved. This provides service providers with an array of opportunities to offer support in areas such as employment-based immigration, family-based immigration, refugees, etc.

The Role of Providers

Immigration service providers play a vital role in providing essential information and resources, such as laws, regulations, resources, government officials and service providers. Furthermore, they must have the ability to effectively communicate with a range of clients.

Language Barriers

Immigrants to America come from a wide variety of countries with distinct languages, dialects, and cultures. Without proficiency in English language skills, immigrants will struggle to communicate effectively with immigration systems.