Before getting into one of the most used types of proxies, you shall understand what a regular or general proxy is and how it helps its users out. When you are looking to buy a house somewhere or sell your existing house, most people first take the reference of a broker and visit their office for help and advice with their house for the best deal available. The broker then becomes a middleman who connects their clients with the other deals available around. The broker protects their clients from deals that would not be profitable for them. That is almost how a proxy works as well.

A proxy is a middleman between the user on the internet and the rest of the users on the internet. Once a user has a proxy, it protects the user from any data leakage so they can have a safe experience on the internet without having to worry about any problems online. There are several users on the internet, but along with that, there are also many hackers online who hack a certain user’s account to retrieve the information that could be available online. A proxy acts as the middleman between the two and helps in protecting this information.

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What is a residential proxy?

Now since you are well aware of what a proxy is and how it works, let’s get into the details by understanding what a residential proxy is and why it is so important. Slowly with time, a residential proxy has become one of the most important tools to have on the internet because the security of any kind is necessary.

You can never be yourself anywhere until you feel secure on that platform. There is something called an IP address that every user on the internet has. If hacked properly, an IP address can be used to trace the original address of a user (their computer’s address.) That is sensitive information that no one would want to be revealed to a random stranger on the internet.

A residential proxy protects you from something like this and keeps your original IP address safe. The proxy that you buy adds a fake IP address to mislead any hacker, but it also helps you find people in your area if you wish to connect with them. If you think about it, it is a win-win situation for you. Various cheap residential proxies are available online for you to use them.