Cryptocurrency first became popular in early 2008, when Bitcoin was first discovered and used. Today, Bitcoin is worth thousands of dollars, and you can quickly get rich because of it. If you know how to track the crypto market, you can invest in it and make millions. And to make crypto transactions, you need a reliable app or software to send and receive crypto easily. One of these is Binance, where you can use a Binance Referral ID to invite your friends and make more crypto together. Here are some remarkable features of Binance you need to know more about!

The Battle Feature

One of the recent launches of Binance is the Binance Futures Battle feature. It has attracted significant interest from traders worldwide because it allows traders to battle each other to earn points. It has elements of gaming and cryptocurrency, making it very interesting to those who want to have a little fun within the app. Users can go on a head-to-head battle to see who is the most profitable over a certain period of time. The rules are straightforward where the users only need to predict Bitcoin’s direction in the next five minutes and go long and short. The good thing is that players can collect points, regardless of the outcome.

Incredible Binance App

The Incredible Futures’ Leaderboard

Another feature that will give you interest is the Binance Futures’ Leaderboard. It’s like social media, where you get to check out and view the positions of the greatest traders on the platform. Top-performing traders may allow sharing their positions, and other users can keep track of these positions. Unsurprisingly, it has gained traction with other newbie and amateur traders who want to learn from the frontrunners in trading. It allows for them to follow what these top-performing traders can do, and they get to learn various moves from the best in the crypto industry.

Binance App Features

Price Protection

Price Protection is a relatively new feature from Binance, where users are protected from extreme market conditions. It covers your Stop Loss and Take Profit orders from drastic price changes. So in situations where the Market and Last Price shift significantly above or below a predetermined threshold, the Stop Loss and Take Profit won’t be triggered. It allows users to enjoy trading in a fair and orderly experience while preventing bad players from exploiting market inefficiencies. You won’t be losing money, and you will have the chance to learn all about trading without unnecessary outside forces.

The Bottomline

Binance currently offers many different kinds of features, and the three mentioned above will provide a fair user experience. You don’t have to worry about losing money because Binance will help you gain more.