The potting soil topic might not appear very exciting; however it matters when you are looking for better health of the plants. The potting soils were made for the plants, which are grown in the containers that have got different needs than in ground.

Most of the potting mediums aren’t made equal. As in nature, the plants like succulents need various soils than ferns. There are different potting mixes that were formulated to react to those requirements of. Knowing what is in the potting soil can allow you give the plants what they want in be healthy as well as perform their best.  Thus, look for the best potting mix singapore.

What makes the good potting mix?

The good potting mix must offer plants with best growing medium. When compared to the plain soil, the potting mixes have got appropriate size of the air pockets for plant roots to grow. Apart from this, they have nutrients and moisture that the plant requires to thrive.

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The primary functions of the potting mix are:

  • To give enough air for roots to grow: Roots should breathe & not rot when plant the container. Most of the people do not think about such thing, but it is important to have the good air amount in soil. Not sufficient and generally plant roots have the tough time to survive.
  • To retain nutrients and moisture around the plants’ root: The soil acts as reservoir for the critical elements in the container garden.
  • To support plant, offering anchorage for roots: The soil mix has to settle over the roots of the plant as well as help to hold this in proper place so it does not blow over from first wind. But, it has to be light to allow air and water to always be there under soil surface so that the plant’s roots have perfect balanced atmosphere.

Final Thoughts

So given that the good potting mix has all the given things, any kind of materials can easily be used.  There are many gardeners who make use of soil from the garden in pots, and some plan to make their compost and add it to the containers. You may do any of such things, however if you’re making your potting soil you will have to change in a way you water or fertilize to get best results.