The first and foremost thing that comes to mind while thinking about the decentralized digital currency is the bitcoins. Obviously this is also the first digital currency they came into use. Even though people around the world have started using this digital currency, still there are many people who have various queries about it. This article will help them to sort it out.

Open- source

One of the most important fact about bitcoin is it is an open source and hence anyone can access it. But the user should have a mail id and little funds to get started with it. The people who want to use the bitcoins are supposed to mine them from the online sources through reputed software.  The wheel of fortune game can also be accessed for free bitcoins


This is a billion dollar question among the people who are new to bitcoin. As mentioned earlier, this digital currency is decentralized. That is no banks or any other organization can determine the value of bitcoin. The market value will get increased when it is used by more number of users. It can also be said that depending upon the demand and supply of bitcoins in the online world, its value will be determined.


While considering bitcoins, keys are more important. Basically they come with two important keys. The first one is the private key which tends to have all the personal data obtained from the users. The second one is the public key which is nothing but the address of the bitcoin. The people who are using it for the first time should be aware of these factors.

International payment

Even though bitcoins can be used for making any kind of payment, they are considered to be more beneficial for international payment as the transaction charges are very much affordable than the other transaction sources.