There are a few reasons why you might want some forearms workouts. In the first place, they look great. How many people do you see that workout and have a great pair of forearms? Probably not many. As well as that, big forearms are often linked with good grip strength.

You can really benefit from having great grip strength on a daily basis. Using one hand, you will be able to lift big and bulky objects. Some really big guys find it difficult to do this kind of thing because their grip strength fails them, not because their arms are weak.

The strength of your grip and big forearms are great advantages when climbing. A climber knows how important grip strength is; to hold oneself up with just one arm is quite a feat of strength!

Consequently, to build some big forearms, you will need forearm workouts to work on your grip strength. Here are some exercises to try:


Deadlifts: It is a heavy exercise that build grip strength. When you do deadlifts, you will be able to lift some serious weight, and once you stand up, you must hold onto that weight. This can easily be twice or even three times the weight of your own body! Just imagine how much stress this puts on your forearms. Deadlifts improve grip because of this. Make sure you do them without straps.

Farmer walks: On paper, these seem simple; you pick up two big weights and walk around with them. The fact that it requires you to hold them for a specific period or distance can work wonders for your grip. With these, you can improvise and carry around different heavy objects, such as large paint cans or heavy bottles with handles!


Pullups: Pull-ups are effective in improving your grip strength, but if you have access to a thicker bar, they are much more effective. Due to the thicker bar, you are forced to grip much tighter to prevent yourself from slipping, which helps you work your forearms. It is also possible to reverse the grip and do chin-ups. You should find a thicker bar to do these on so that you will have more to grip.

Hand grippers: Taking them with you and doing them anywhere makes them great. They are available in most fitness stores. There are usually different resistance levels, so you can start with an easier one and work your way up to harder ones. Spend five or ten minutes doing these every day while sitting and not doing anything else.

If you can incorporate these exercises into your forearm workouts, you will see a noticeable improvement in your grip strength and the size of your forearms.