Technically, a pergola with sliding cover consists of load-bearing scaffolding generally of iron, aluminum or wood, to which is added a movable cover placed at variable height. For the same the choice is between various materials:

  • glass ;
  • polycarbonate ;
  • waterproof tent (PVC, PE);
  • insulated panel (generally made of metal or wood plus an internal layer of insulating and sound-absorbing material):
  • aluminum;
  • mixed solutions (glass plus sheet, polycarbonate plus sheet) screen enclosures in Pleasanton, CA.

The roof opening of this type of pergola can be of 2 types: manual with telescopic stem or motorized. The use of the motor operated by remote control represents the most widespread solution, especially in the commercial field. In addition, there is an interesting option, which entrusts the automatic adjustment of the closure to sensors capable of detecting the climatic conditions:

Wind, rain and snow (these are 3 separate sensors).

A pergola with sliding opening can additionally have a side cover (1 or more sides) , usually in PVC / PE, glass panels or polycarbonate. The aim is to achieve optimal thermal insulation.

The main distinguishing feature of pergolas with sliding roof, you will have understood, is the possibility of using such structures not only on sunny days of the summer, but also in case of rain and in the cold months.

The sunroof / reclosable in fact allows you to switch in a very short time and effortlessly from the pleasant open air to the comfort of an effective shelter. The models equipped with side panels are, as already pointed out, those capable of guaranteeing greater protection.

The flexibility of this structure extends to allow you to choose a transparent sliding cover or one that can screen the sun and offer more privacy at the same time.

In the first case glass is preferably used, alternatively polycarbonate (compact or alveolar). In the second case, aluminum, a waterproof PVC or polyester sheet or a sandwich panel are used.

A third very convenient possibility is constituted by mixed solutions. In fact, the sheet can also be combined, if desired, with glass or polycarbonate sheets. In this way the pergola is able to let the light pass or filter it according to the needs of the moment. The same applies to the category of bioclimatic pergolas, with the retractable louvered roof that can be packaged as sunshades.