Here’s a short essay that should answer some of your questions regarding the various glass pipes available today. Many of us have seen glass bongs and pipes, and maybe even one or two glass marijuana pipes, but what about the specifics? Handmade glass pipes may come in almost infinite sizes and designs. This section will look at some of the most common parts and what to expect. Learn everything you can about the greatest glass pipes available. visit for more info.

Fireplace Tools

Among the many options for a stylish glass pipe, spoon pipes are among the most common, adaptable, and handy. These pipes got their unusual name because they look similar to a spoon. Due to their portability and low price, they are often used as first computers. The bowl end of a glass spoon pipe is in the form of a spoon, with a hole connecting it to the mouthpiece.


Owning a bubbler is a cool thing to do. These objects are a cross between a spoon pipe and a little bong. These little gadgets may be used as spoons, but they can also be employed as bongs, filtering and cooling the smoke before it reaches the user’s lungs, thanks to the water chamber. Without the bulk and immobility, the advantages of a bong may now be yours.

Piping Hammers

It’s easy to rest the hammer-shaped pipe in the palm of your hand, thus the name. This set of pipes comes with an efficient ashtray and is sure to make a talk wherever you go. Our favorite is the Trillium Egyptian Hammer Pipe.

Inept and Astute

In honor of everyone’s favorite fictional detective and his appreciation for wisdom and classic style, a set of Sherlock pipes is the perfect gift. Like the pipes used by Mr. Holmes, they include a large bowl and a bent stem. When lighted, smoke will ascend the hollow center shaft. The Gandalf pipe, a variation on the Sherlock pipe with a longer stem named after the pipe the wizard Gandalf the Grey is said to use to smoke the finest cannabis in the Shire, is one such example.

Chimineas and steam rollers

Chillums are not only simple and effective, but they also come in an eye-popping array of colors and styles, with some even including color-changing glass. A chillum is a portable pipe consisting of a bowl at one end and a mouthpiece at the other. The best chillums are made from thick glass pipes that have a satisfying weight in hand.