The Efteling is the Netherlands’ largest and most well-known fairy-tale-themed theme park in Europe. In 1952, the park had ten rides and today has 29. The Fairy Tale Forest is where you’ll find them all. Efteling is famed for its exhilarating rides as well as its richness of fairy stories.

The Python roller coaster and the Baron 1898 Dive Coaster are two of the larger and quicker coasters. A pirate ship, water rides, and other attractions are available. There are also many carousels, a vintage ride, a steam train, a miniature world with pedal vehicles, gondola rides, a monorail, playgrounds, and an adventure maze at the amusement park. Efteling’s success may be credited in great part to its ride designs, architecture, and atmosphere. When Anton Pieck was assigned to build Efteling’s first fairy tales, he insisted that the park meet his own high standards. Cheap construction materials, plastic, and concrete would not be used. Pieck’s art style, which was bleak and dark at times but also sentimental and nostalgic at others, served as the conceptual foundation for practically all subsequent expansions. Pieck worked with Efteling until the mid-1970s when he was replaced as a head designer by Ton van de Ven, a younger man. Van de Ven had been working for Efteling for some years, and Pieck was quite happy with his performance.

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