Brain supplements are not always associated with an increase in cognitive abilities but, in people with depression, it favors an improvement in mood. Intake of fish oil, which contains both DHA and EPA fatty acids, helps reduce age-related decline in brain function. learn more about Noocube and other brain supplements here.


Caffeine is a very common natural stimulant in tea, coffee and dark chocolate. Although caffeine supplements are available, it can be consumed through the foods and drinks we consume every day. Supplements are designed more for athletes or for those who perform activities with a very high physical and mental pace, and in any case for a very short period of time. Caffeine acts on the brain by stimulating the central nervous system, reducing the sense of fatigue and keeping the alert level high.

The amount of caffeine present in a cup varies from 50 mg to 300 mg, depending on the length of the coffee; usually, for most people, the recommended, safe and beneficial dose is around 200mg per day.

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Taking caffeine beyond the limits can be counterproductive, as it causes some side effects such as tachycardia, anxiety and insomnia.

Rhodiola rosea

Supplement that takes its name from the plant of the same name, one of the best known in traditional Chinese medicine, serves to promote the well-being and health of the brain , improving mental processes by reducing the sensation of fatigue and tiredness .

At the moment there are different opinions regarding its effective effectiveness, but there is scientific evidence of its beneficial effects on brain function, as shown by more than one study.