What is the RACI matrix?

A RACI matrix outlines the various tasks and duties that stakeholders take on throughout a project, program, or other types of organizational transformation. Other names are project roles and responsibilities matrix, RACI chart, responsibility assignment matrix (RAM), and RACI model. Use powerslides raci matrix template for a quick resolution.

Abbreviation of RACI:

Responsible: the individual or small group in charge of completing the task. It is best to designate one person as the primary responsible party for the work of the entire group when multiple persons are involved in a Task or activity.

Accountable: This person authorizes the work; if something goes wrong, their head will get chopped off.

Consulted: these people should get consulted before undertaking or approving specific tasks. They are usually authorities on the issue.

Informed: stakeholders not actively involved in the project do not require consultation but must be made aware of any modifications or decisions. A project does not require their input or feedback to continue, but the results may impact them. The powerslides raci matrix template can construct your raci chart with your needs.

When Should You Use a RACI Matrix?

more raci diagrams here

Connecting individuals to tasks are the primary purpose of a RACI matrix. A RACI Matrix clarifies for everyone involved in a project or organizational change what gets expected of them on the project. When individuals know what gets expected of them, it is more likely that they will work on the proper tasks and complete them on schedule. Consequently, a RACI matrix is an excellent tool for managing a change project, especially when functional boundaries are involved. Maintaining this document as part of your project communication plan makes sense if you’re a project manager.

Advantages of RACI Matrix

  • They make it clear what each stakeholder’s obligations are for each task.
  • Allows to check the appropriate roles allocated to each task and identify job discrepancies.
  • Since everyone understands their amount of responsibility for a given task, they avoid assigning blame.

Disadvantages of RACI Matrix

  • Because a task can have many R’s (thus the Pro Tip above where one of the R’s is bolded), it is impossible to tell who is ultimately responsible for completing it.
  • They function best in small teams because it can be challenging to teach the RACI concept to larger Teams when everyone is not closely collaborating.
  • You experiment to see what works for your project rather than trying to include an element in a RACI matrix.