One of the most well-known Russian-made hookah brands nowadays is lpha Hookah. An unidentified firm from St. Petersburg, which began by repainting flasks and mines, can now claim a fantastic assortment of designer hookahs with distinctive designs. The Russian company Alpha Hookah is well known for producing shisha pipes that are both pleasing and useful. The Alpha Hookah X shisha pipe is the company’s signature design. It is a 49cm medium-sized shisha pipe composed of anodized aluminium and stainless steel. With the included gasket, the thick glass vase is fixed in place. The sleek, contemporary form of the Alpha Hookah X shisha pipe comes in a variety of colors. The ALPHA HOOKAH X shisha pipe is unique in that it contains a magnetic hose connecting mechanism that also connects to a hidden purge that wraps around the base. This shisha pipe has a detachable diffuser, a silicone hose, and a mouthpiece that matches the color of the shisha.

The popularity of Alpha Hookah once spread like wildfire. This was often linked to the scarcity of good hookahs on the Russian market. But, the Russian firm continues to be at the top even today, when smoking accessories and equipment from any manufacturer can be acquired online. What distinguishes hookahs made in Saint-Petersburg from those made by other manufacturers?

Long warranty duration Option to choose flask shape and colour Premium mouthpieces Simple draught .Because of this, you should choose Alpha Hookah and buy shisha online.

Product characteristics

  • The glass measures 49 cm in length.
  • Bowl base is not included.
  • Silicone hose
  • Using rubber to fix

The Alpha Model X is delivered as a Complete Set, which includes:-

  • Stem in Stainless Steel Metal Tray
  • Powder-coated Anodized Aluminum Mouthpiece
  • Silicone Hose with a Soft Touch
  • Absorbent Diffuser
  • Connector for a Magnetic Hose
  • Container & Base Grommets
  • Your Choice of Base Design and Color, Depending on Availability

Hookah Beat Alpha

For those who won’t compromise their smoking attributes for size, Alpha Hookah Beat is a little like shisha. The gorgeous portable speaker-shaped case that holds the hookah is constructed with a design resembling graffiti. Actually, this is the first time the name of the smoking apparatus has been mentioned. Glass flasks are available in clear and darker hues. Special consideration should be given to the shaft with many engravings. It appears insurmountable at first, but the two screws on the bottom enable you to disassemble it and access the interior.